CreativeMornings Cardiff founder Sarah talks about intentions vs real life.

Sarah shares her journey of trying different ventures like owning a sandwich van to setting up the CreativeMornings Cardiff chapter, the challenges of these set intentions, and how real life and needs can take over intentions.

About the speaker

Intention Vs Real Life

This month we’ll be hearing from Sarah Burley. Formally trained as a writer, Sarah is a director at the independent design studio John & Jane and is the one who originally approached Tina Roth Eisenberg and the team to tell them that Cardiff would make a great new home for a CreativeMornings chapter.

Five years on Sarah will be talking about this month’s theme – Intention. She’ll be talking about what her original intentions were when starting CreativeMornings/Cardiff and her story along the way. She’ll also be discussing the importance of intention in our industry and the challenge of putting a price on the creative process.

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