The gospel of glitter: sex, gender, and the unique and similar expression of both.

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Honored as one of Willamette Week’s “Best of Portland”, Zora Phoenix has kept fans entranced and laughing in venues and events across Portland and the nation for over a decade with her gender illusionist character’s live vocal performances, parody & comedy acts and, in addition to performing/emceeing (for which she was voted “Best Emcee in Portland”), she has six regularly scheduled burlesque & boylesque productions (including Portland’s Longest Running Burlesque Show) with a goal of bringing incredible burlesque to Bridgetown since 2009 with an emphasis of the diversity and variety in the art of striptease. In addition, she is the Executive Director and Instructor of the Rose City School of Burlesque, as well as founder and webmistress of


Existing in a unique cross-section of gay culture, drag performer community, and a pivotal member of the Portland burlesque community (and an active member of the larger national burlesque world), professional gender illusionist Zora Phoenix has a sui generis, multi-facted perspective on sex, gender, and the unique and similar expression of both. As a drag performer who instructs in the art of striptease and produces six burlesque shows, all while fluidly traveling between the LGBT community and working in primarily heteronormative nightclub culture; Zora will be sharing her point-of-view on how being sexy is exclusive of sexuality, regardless of gender identity or expression.

Photo by Christie Spillane Photography.

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    "I call that 'spreading the gospel of glitter'. Its such an important and incredible art form."

    Laura Kalish