Sara speaks on the importance of a good/balanced color story.

About the speaker

If we had to introduce Sara Eliason, and we do find ourselves having to a lot, we would say she is an interior designer….and then we’d back pedal out of that real fast. She’s an intuitive, self taught, hippie, dippie, witchy, spirit mama. She hails from Alaska….an Alaskan cowgirl by way of San Francisco and now Houston….I know it doesn’t really compute does it…color is noise to her…even her family (all four kids and her wife) wait for her to dress them to get the “color story” of the day just right. She sees the sacred and the beautiful in everything in the natural world in order to hear the spiritual world…yes, here’s the hippie dippie witchy wonderful part….she drinks water from a clay vessel and tastes the clay. She wants to build clayhouses for us to live within the skin of the earth. She wants the floor to be of the earth too. And the roof. She wants to plaster and paint with the clay to make the walls beautiful. She wants you to feel it. She wants to make paints from what grows in the clay and the dirt a.k.a. the soil. She wants to be able to build clayhouses from the clay from the place we live…like food…and wine…and salt…that would be terroir or local. This new, old indigenous language she will help translate to the world. She is a pioneer in the old ways. We might call her an Indigenous Designer, but then we’ll back pedal out of that fast…maybe Slow Designer….yeah no….there are so many words but none quite do the job.

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Every day when you get up and you wake up in the world and you leave your house, or even not leave your house, you're engaging in a color conversation with the world. You can’t have a benign impact on the world with color, it’s an impossibility. Your choices have to do with how you're communicating. I dress in color stories every day. It absolutely affects what I do all the time. — Sara Eliason


I wasn't able to see Sara speak in person, but as someone who loves color and feels the same emotional connection to color, what I learned from these talk was the importance of creating a color environment for myself in what I wear, being as important as the work I create with color in design and in my artwork. I hope to apply what I learned from Sara.

Katharine Kearns • July 1, 2015