Sabra Seligman

March 15, 8:30am - 10:00am EDT. Hosted at The Venture City

part of a series on Water

About the speaker

In line with our theme, we’re asking you to bring a water bottle or mug!

Sabra Is a wellness entrepreneur and holistic nutrition expert; for the last 18 years she has dedicated her life and career to educating others via a variety of wellness practices, including conscious eating, food as medicine, detoxification and has help built wellness projects for big hospitality groups around the globe. She has a deep passion for how food affects the mind, body connection and believes in a holistic lifestyle as a true key to radiant health, self-healing and life long vitality. Sabra works with her community to inspire, bring shift and help transform others lives with her 1 on 1 coaching sessions, her signature online plant-based nutrition program, which is an APPROACHABLE, INSPIRING and TRANSFORMING tool to set you off to be your own nutritionist.

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