As a Creative…he is an Artist…a Dancer…a Philanthropist…an Activist…a Serial Entrepreneur…a Socialite…and then some. These are some of the descriptions Edwin Muhammad is well known for by many who have ever encountered, interacted, or collaborated with him. Over the past 15 years Edwin has worked in the entertainment and business industry with numerous big brands, exclusive venues, celebrities, and organizations to bring fun interactive experiences to people.

With the recent re-launched of his company ‘BRAINWASH MEDIA’ (an innovations / branding & marketing company with focus on social-enterprise) Edwin has refocused his vision to create new projects that benefits people in their daily lifestyle. BRAINWASH MEDIA is quickly growing to be known for launching innovative business projects such as IN.VISION (a youth program cultivating teen’s creative talents by partnering them up with industry professionals and celebrities), HEAL Nation (a program providing premium organic foods at affordable costs to economically empower local families and communities), and TURNKEY (a video production company focused on developing creative video stories for social media marketing to startups and small businesses at an affordable rate).

Edwin’s goal for BRAINWASH MEDIA is to combine his creative talents, professional relationships, and business savvy to create profitable business ventures and projects that generate money and positively enhance people’s lifestyle.

As a creative, Edwin is always excited about meeting new people and projects to create unique collaborations. In the months to come, Edwin and his team at BRAINWASH MEDIA is excited to present these new projects that will benefit people, businesses, and communities in a fun new way.

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