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Roshaun Davis is co-founder of Unseen Heroes, an award-winning events and marketing agency that he and his wife, Maritza, started a decade ago.

Utilizing his creative talents to help others discover their unique strengths and gifts is Roshaun life’s passion. For him, seeing others flourish and thrive by living their ideal lives with careers they’ve imagined for themselves, creates an energy that can truly shape the surroundings of an entire city.

Whether it’s a community of creatives, professionals, musicians, business owners, writers, or those who hold a simple idea, Roshaun wants individuals to experience how it feels to shape their ideal future - just as he did.

Ten years ago, Roshaun found himself fired from his job. Instead of succumbing to another nine-to-five that he knew would not bring him happiness nor would it play to his creative strengths, he decided to carve his own path.

Once he decided to create his own success, everything changed. Roshaun learned at one of the lowest moments in his life that he could create his ideal career by shaping his future in his mind before taking action to see his visions come to fruition through the experiences that Unseen Heroes continues to create every day.

These experiences are a reflection of how Roshaun sees the world: as a place where ideas become reality and where an individual’s potential is limitless.

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