Rosemary Cunningham on Invest

February 28, 8:30am - 10:00am GMT. Hosted at Spaces - Glasgow

part of a series on Invest

About the speaker

Rosemary Cunningham has worked as an illustrator in Glasgow for nearly ten years, amassing a diverse range of projects, clients and products. Her claim to being a free-range illustrator is justified through her work, which has included painting murals in various communities, designing flags for Shetland Library, working as a live illustrator at events, creating bespoke maps and working on multiple theatre projects. Rosemary has created her own range of products and developed heritage-inspired ranges for the University of Glasgow and Edinburgh Museums. If nothing else, her work is about telling stories.

Additional details

Rosemary Cunningham is a Glasgow based free-range illustrationist and professional enthusiast. You may know her from her iconic maps and products, as well as the 100 DAYS OF HERSTORY project she created. She’ll be talking about investing in her creative pursuits and what that has meant for her business Illustration, Etc.