Life is not moving you you are moving through life

Richie talks to us about the fundamental need for fluidity in our lives. Divergent thinking is not about reacting but absorbing the stimulus you are exposed to and moving to the best outcome for you in that moment.

About the speaker

Currently co-running Orikami Lab as the Design Director, Richie is responsible for helping clients engage people in new ways with services that span technological, tangible and physical spaces. She thrives on understanding complex systems and working with clients to bring out the simple solution inside.

It’s not easy to define what Richie or Orikami Lab does and this reflects and plays to their strength. The process crafted has led them to unravel new layers in design possibilities. If you ask Richie who are you and what is Orikami Lab? Her response is what more can I become?

With 14 years of experience building relationships and services, as well as starting her first agency in 2015, Richie’s grown up alongside an ever-changing regional industry right here in UAE.

She is passionate about design being the catalyst for change and transformation for clients across industries. Always looking to humanise a design challenge further, she’s also in charge of making sure Orikami Lab is a space for intensive knowledge sharing, collaborating and, of course, creative fun!

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