This month at Creative Mornings KL Hannah Lo is sharing her revelations on Magic.

Don’t you wish there were a little bit more magic in this world? Waking up to your Hogwarts letter, vanishing into thin air, catching magic creatures (and not only with your phone). They say, magic is all around us, if you chose to believe in it. Do you believe in magic of your own creative powers:

Magic of music? Magic of self-discovery

About the speaker

Hannah is a spiritual songstress, transformational coach and warrior for women’s autonomy.
She sees her voice as an instrument for bringing more light into the world through spoken word, written word and sound.

As a singer Hannah toured China with her partner Ash Nair, sharing what they call meditative rock, a fusion of modern beats, mantras and soundscapes. As a speaker she was amongst 80 facilitators from around the world at Murfest 2015, Asia’s number one platform in the Health & Wellness industry. As a writer Hannah has her own bi-monthly column in The Star Newspaper and is currently working on her first book.

A modern day medicine woman, Hannah uses her artistry, inspired vision and spiritual knowledge to create transformative experiences for women. From workshops, talks and bespoke coaching to women’s circles, ceremonies and events.

Hannah believes that women have a magnetism, magic and unique medicine to offer that is vitally important to the evolution of our society.

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