Former risk manager and project manager, Mishie Hoops is the dreamer-upper of the Hoop Dream Retreats and founder of The Hula Hoop Institute. A pioneer and leading instructor of hula hoop dance across South East Asia, Mishie and The Hula Hoop Institute have been featured in the media including Elle, Shape, Women’s Health, Time Out, Tongue in Chic, MSN and Herald Sun & Focusweek newspapers. Mishie is a natural organiser and has been involved in running successful events for 15 years. She loves bringing people together to learn and play! Mishie was recently awarded 2016 Hooper of the Year – Asia! She is also co-founder of The Future is Creative - a company that helps Creatives with fundamental business skills in order to start and grow successful businesses.

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How to hula hoop on their waist.

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