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Ancient cultures and indigenous people created songs, poems and rituals to pass on information about the wonders of life to each generation. They lived in balance with nature, gave offerings and scheduled day-to-day life in line with the rhythm of nature. Can we, modern people who live our lives in cities and mostly connected to our devices, benefit from ancient rituals? Is there still a way to connect with our roots and live in rhythm of nature?

Reetta Ranta (Master of Arts) is a storyteller, coach and TV executive. She has worked in media for over 20 years with several start ups and media companies including Gutsy Animations, Rabbit Films, Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle, Sulake and Razorfish. She has been managing international Finnish brands like The Dudesons, Habbo Hotel and Moominvalley.

She has created and hosted the kids radio show Ipanapa Radio at BassoRadio, and hosted a contemporary folk music program “Uudenkansanmusiikki” on Yle Radio Suomi. Reetta is also known from her Sauna Sisters -rituals events and TV series Back to Nature (Metsien kätkemä), which was broadcast at Yle TV1 for 2 seasons and has been sold to several territories.

Reetta prefers working with individuals and companies who are looking to express a deeper calling in this life and is focused on exporting value-based Finnish brands and companies to the global market. Her own deeper mission is to revitalise ancient spiritual practices and rituals, and reconnect people with nature. She’s currently writing a book about rituals and developing new nature related tv concepts as Head of Brand and Development at Gutsy Animations. She is also a mother of three boys and CEO in her family-owned business, Power Animals United.

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