Alcoholism is a severe illness, which affects not just the person suffering from it but also their loved ones.

Reeta sat down with us to talk about her illness and how she broke herself to recover from her addictions.

About the speaker

Addiction had taken everything from me: my family, my relationship, my studies, home, human value and my morals.

Reeta Kroner is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict. She has been clean and sober for 2,5 years. Reeta will tell us how you can rebuild your self-esteem and yourself even after you have been BROKEN. And after you have BROKEN against all your own values and promises.

She was wondering how she could ever look anybody in the eye after the way she had treated herself and everybody around her. Asking for help took both courage and humbleness. But she realized that being honest and facing all the painful things she had done was the only way to start building a new life.

-This has given me a unique chance to get to know myself. I’m no longer scared of life.

This month’s CreativeMornings/Helsinki speech will be a powerful one.

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