History is a sacred trust. It is my responsibility to ensure that what gets passed down, insofar as I am able, is not only found, but robust; multifaceted, and meaningful.

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Rayshauna Gray channels her creativity and love of history into her work with Tufts University’s Center for the Study of Race & Democracy, Harvard’s History Design Studio, and the Cambridge Historical Society. After spending years creating content for Boston’s Museum of African American History and advancing legislation with the National Organization for Women in Massachusetts, she’s currently finishing her first book, Roseland (Belt Publishing, 2020). Roseland narrates the last two hundred years of the nation’s history through the stories of seven generations of women in Gray’s maternal line. Gray is from the south side of Chicago, and presently resides in Cambridge, MA.

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I love to think that we're all these cultural beneficiaries, agents, and eventual ancestors regardless of whether we ever have children. We are born into a world, we try to pick up on the ways we're socialized and interact with people, hopefully, we interrogate what we value and where that comes from and how it manifests...and eventually, we'll each play an individual role in collectively passing down a world. That is a sacred trust. — Rayshauna Gray

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