Ramona Lindsey, Director of Education at Kentucky Museum of Art & Craft, shares how everyone deserves a seat at the table.

For many, it is a life-long quest to have a seat at the table. As one of the only leaders of color in a Kentucky visual art organization, Ramona Lindsey shares how “Alice In Wonderland” teaches us about the importance of making room for everyone at the table.

About the speaker

Ramona Dallum Lindsey’s life revolves around the fantasy of the future. She is a curious and hopeful citizen who devotes her skills, talents, and energy to making our community a better place through the creation and processes of art. Ramona was recently featured in WFPL’s Next Louisville: #MuseumsSoWhite by Ashlie Stevens as the only tier-two leader of color in a Kentucky visual art organization.

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    One of my favorite talks thus far out of the many that I have attended. I will be honest though, it is so hard to choose, since every speaker at Creative Mornings Louisville has been awesome!

    Michael Thacker