Director/Photographer | 750four Productions

Writing, Directing, Cinematography, Art Direction

Currently really trying to learn a whole lot about after effects for motion graphics and VFX for films and videos.

Say Yes more than you say No.

My may be cliche but my parents' generation was never allowed the privilege of choosing a career that they were passionate, they had a child to provide for. Those sacrifices allowed me the freedom to become a creative and I'm forever grateful.

Learning everything I can about the projects that I'm involved in so I'm not left in the dark if a piece falls through.

I always thought it would be cool to own a really good sandwich shoppe/deli, I like making up weird sandwiches at home.

Movies movies movies...completely useless skill but I always remember movie lines, plots, actors names and can recite them. No one likes to play scene it with me :(

Basic film editing. It's the first thing I learned when I started working in video and it's the best thing to understand when you're trying to create stories with film.

Dramatic Chipmunk, hands down.

Michael hasn't saved anything yet.