Purpose with Katya Stepanova [Online Session]

April 24, 9:00am - 10:00am CEST. Hosted at Spaces

part of a series on Purpose

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LINK TO JOIN THE SESSION: zoom.us/j/93680026082

April’s Theme is Purpose.

You are here. Being here means you are alive, that you exist, and the mere fact that you exist means you have purpose.

“Purpose" does not have to be something grandiose. In fact, it can exist in all sizes and dimensions, separately, or even all at once.

Author and coach Martha Beck once wrote, “The ‘track’ of your life’s purpose has a unique character. It often shows up as a sense of joy and lightness in the body […] It may also appear as fascination, a strong desire to pay attention to certain topics or phenomena. More than anything, it’s a sense that what we’re doing is meaningful.”

Your purpose is made up of both the literal and the abstract, and its power is unmistakable. Those moments, memories, ideas, and conversations that you find yourself circling back to, with great fondness, make up the fabric of your purpose.

What makes you light up inside? What brings you peace? What are the big ideas that bring meaning to your days? And what are the specific details about each of these feelings that you’re drawn to?

However big or however small, draw your strength and inspiration from your purpose. Give yourself permission to approach your decisions with your purpose in mind. The more you do things in line with your purpose, the less you’ll default to what you’re conditioned to do.

When in doubt, take the steps you need to follow the path of your own joy. This path is your purpose.

Our Indianapolis chapter chose this month’s exploration of Purpose and Jason Ratliff illustrated the theme.

About our speaker: Katya Stepanova is a researcher and program manager at Knack. Her work revolves around the future of work, and focuses on helping others to find work-life balance. Born in Russia, throughout her career she has studied, worked and volunteered in multiple countries such as India, the UK, Spain, Germany, Iceland, and the Netherlands.

Katya is very passionate about self-development. She’s a preacher for journaling as a self-reflection tool. Through this and thanks to many talks with the friends, she discovered that her super-power was to ask the right questions. Thus, her purpose is to act as a mirror for those who want to see.

In this session Katya will facilitate an online gathering and will ask you a series of questions to help you find your purpose. Make sure you have your notebook and a pen ready, and join the session with an open-mind!