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Public Pool is an art cooperative designed to create and support a wide range of contemporary art experiences. Founding members include writer Steve Hughes and his wife, artist Anne Harrington-Hughes, author and Team Detroit creative director Toby Barlow, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) board member Jessie Doan, advertising-industry creatives Mary Trybus and Jim Boyle, who is also a former Detroit Institute of Arts executive, artist/curator Tim Hailey, who’s also the former co-director of New York City non-profit gallery HEREart, writer and musician Walter Wasacz, and artist/musician Jennifer Paull.

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    THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Where is the constructive criticism of art? 23:46 to 24:34; The elephant in the room, anti intellectualism -- "what the fuck you talkin' about, dude?" 27:08 to 27:59; Critic Car in no-fly zone Detroit 35:37. Where will the arts journalism foundation money go next?

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