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In our November morning, we will be talking about the concept of death in storytelling and why storytelling is a powerful and also dangerous tool in art, business and other industries.

Our speaker for Death is Polina Tšerkassova, a storyteller, musician, social and cultural anthropologist. Polina is a talented musician who plays more instruments than you could count on both hands’ fingers.

Through music, she became interested in other cultures and worldviews. Polina also traveled a lot and lived abroad to learn more about different cultures from the locals.

She is also a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Humanities and lecturer in the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. Her research interests include the relationship between sound and experience, music, the creative process, and contemporary religious practices.

And now all these experiences came up to the profession of a storyteller. Polina composes fairy tales for kids and adults and tells them together with playing the unique folk instruments brought from different countries.

On CreativeMornings event we will also have a chance to listen to a small fairytale with music. So, be ready for some magic happening there!

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