What was that moment where you realized, “Oh, I should use wool"?

What was your contribution to the designs of the car and the coffee machine and so forth? What was that moment where you realized, “Oh, I should use wool,” or “my identity is tied to my work”? Your design includes so much of your identity and being from a homogenous culture and yet not being of that culture, do you have any desire now that you’re in the Bay Area to explore more of your ancestry? You seem to identify strongly with a sense of place and the beauty of those specific places. What is it about here? Why are you here, and what is it about this place? I’m wondering if you can comment on some lessons from Norway about living as a more just and equitable society, and what you think could be maybe learned from that here in the Bay Area.

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Per Ivar Selvaag was born in South Korea, but raised on a farm on the west coast of Norway. He studied industrial design in England, subsequently working in product development for Ford Motor Company, BMW, and as chief designer for Automobiles Peugeot in France. In 2013, Per established design consultancy Montaag LLC in Berkeley, with two additional offices in Stavanger and Oslo, Norway. Montaag specializes in research-based design projects for a variety of clients, with a bias towards mobility-related design thinking to inform a host of solutions, from policy to product development.

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