Peet Sneekes is fascinated with sound. In this talk he shares his favourite sounds.

About the speaker

Peet Sneekes is a maker, director, creative and innovator. He works at Mirabeau as creative and helps clients to dare more and innovate their business and our lives with all things digital.

One other side of Peet: he has an endless fascination for audio and sound! Not just music, but also little sweet audio surprises that life has to offer us. He can be enthralled by just the right creak of corks, friends with the beautiful timbre and narrators that know their own ‘notchʼ.

His secret mission: How can we all use audio and combine it with technology to create new, exciting, cute, awkward and stupendously mystifying experiences.

Wonderful and lovely audio

Peet would like to walk you through his fascinations on audio, noises, sounds and all thing audible. In particular: how can we apply technology, life hacking and art to make the world a more wondrous place.

In his talk heʼll be showing all kinds of combined audio innovations and art that, if combined right, can change once life through story telling, perception and subtile tweaks of your reality. He also plans to show a concept he developed where fairy tales, technology and audio join to create a truly wonderful experience.

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