Consulting designers in their business as coach, speaker and university lecturer.

With a creative mindset and entrepreneurial focus, I show designers how to advance their market position, attract ideal clients and get bigger budgets using co-creation and visual tools. 📧 📞 +31683849139

As a specialized Creative Business Coach, I help designers take strategic action to achieve professional growth and sustainable success. Through visual exercises and popular canvases, I create business results (new leads, new projects, new clients).

► What Sets Me Apart Drawing on 12 years of international marketing and business development work, my experience in the design industry sets me apart from general business advisors or consultants. I understand the creative work process and unique challenges of design companies.

► Expertise: ▪ Leadership coaching for design managers and directors ▪ Entrepreneurship and business coaching for design business owners ▪ Career coaching for designers looking to get to the next level in their development

► Approach I bring a fresh perspective with practical insights and sharp ideas to designers and SME design companies. I ask tough, surprising, and thought-provoking questions. My approach is highly interactive and collaborative. Together with clients I co-create strategy, refine processes, solve operational challenges, uncover new efficiencies, and more.

► Result Clients create sustainable business success through proven positioning, marketing and sales results. Result: more time for creative work.

Business Development, Acquisition, Vision and Strategy, Marketing, Branding, Finding your unique niche, Pitching, Pricing your work, Client negotiations, Closing deals, Organizational development, Design Thinking, Team Development, Virtual Coaching.

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'Life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can.' - Danny Kaye

Simon Sinek. I love his simplicity to explain how to pitch well.

curiosity, preserverance, intuition, natural networker, active listening

Professional Organizer (yes, that profession exists!)

beautiful moments full of joy, appreciating friendship and love

How easy and fun positioning, marketing and sales can be for designers, using simple visual tools and co-creation!