Oum and Namh Lahade started a YouTube channel to teach math to other kids

“We realized that learning from other kids helps us relate to them.”

About the speaker

Oum Lahade is a rising sophomore at Research Triangle High School, a STEM-focused charter school. He loves math, especially teaching it. Oum also does many extra-curricular activities outside of school, such as music, robotics, and tennis. During his free time, he enjoys playing tennis on his high school varsity tennis team. In the future, he wants to pursue his interests in math, engineering, computer programming, and medical engineering.

Namh Lahade is 15 years old and currently goes to Research Triangle High School in Research Triangle Park. Two of his main passions are tennis and math. In fact, he is on the varsity team at Research Triangle High School and plays competitive tournaments in USTA. Another one of his passions is math. As of now, he is thinking about pursuing a career in the math, science, and business.

Together, Oum and Namh have created a YouTube channel called Mega Mind Academy. On this channel, they have over 500 videos on math all the way to AP Calculus.

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