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OpenField is a colaborative studio in Porto composed by a multidisciplinary team working on a fusion of art and technology - Francisca Gonçalves, Ivo Teixeira, Nuno Alves de Carvalho, Rodrigo Carvalho e Tiago Gama Rocha. They have been producing shows like Lasers de S. João and organizing fun DIY electronics exploration workshops.

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CreativeMornings return in September, taking a cue from Arthur C. Clarke’s quote on how “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic!” So we’ll head out to get to know the OpenField Creative Lab a spacious studio where magic is created: beautiful laser and video shows, deep electronic music, even a robot that paints! And through their regular workshops, it can be said that OpenField is also a veritable magic academy. Espiga, through some magic of their own, will be serving their delicious breakfast at OpenField!

You can find OpenField at the beginning of Rua das Taipas, very close to the Cordoaria Garden and the Centro Português de Fotografia and the Justice Palace buildings, a five minutes walk from Aliados or S. Bento metro stations. There’s also plenty of underground parking nearby, and if you’re early you may score some free parking at Rua das Taipas and the vicinity.