I was born in Porto in 1979 where I have had diversified artistic and professional career in video and digital media. I did my undergraduate studies in Film and Video at ESAP, and in 2010 obtained a Multimedia MSc at the University of Porto. Presently I am a PhD researcher at University of Porto Digital Media doctoral program. I have also lectured at ESAP's Film and Design departments, and am presently an adjunct lecturer at the Communication Design program of the University of Porto's Fine Arts Faculty .

"One step at a time" & variations thereof (eg. "everything is possible if you have the time", "daunting tasks are always lists of little achieveable tasks", etc.). These are often repeated clichés, but many clichés are clichés for a reason - they are true!

Making my procrastination useful. (Not the entirety of it, tough...)


Where I left my keys. Street names. Supporting actors. 1990s football (soccer) players.

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