Online CM [Melbourne] • Insecure

June 26, 8:30am - 9:30am AEST. Hosted at Zoom Melbourne

part of a series on Insecure

About the speaker

Sally Flower is the first Australian trained by Marie Kondo in the famous KonMari Method. Sally is also a wellness consultant, mindfulness coach and sustainability advocate.

While a naturally tidy person, Sally didn’t start her a career in organising, she spent over eight years in corporate finance and by 28 she had landed her dream role on Wall St. It was here in New York City she met Marie Kondo and established a deep passion for mindful and sustainable ways of living.

Her business Home Sanctuary is built on the solid foundation of her love for the environment and passion for reducing consumerism. Through one-on-one consults, workshops and keynote events Sally helps Australian’s to lead meaningful lives in nurturing homes with less. Sally’s goal is to change the way we purchase, to motivate and help the community to make purposeful choices that inspire us to live as the best version of ourselves.

Sally is an avid yogi with a daily practice. She completed her yoga instructor course back in 2012, and recently visited India for the first time deepening her love for daily rituals.

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Hello Morning People!

We are back again for another month online this Friday at 8:15am for an 8:30am start. Thanks to the amazing efforts and support from the CMHQ in NY as well as all the other chapters from around the world for making this possible.


We’re going to be broadcasting live via Zoom this month. So please download and install Zoom now to the device of your choice. Don’t worry, Zoom accounts are free.

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Joining us this month on the global theme of ‘Insecure’ we have Sally Flower. Sally is the first Australian trained by Marie Kondo in the famous KonMari Method and also a wellness consultant, mindfulness coach and sustainability advocate.

Join us as Sally chats to us about her transition from corporate life to small business owner and the insecurities that come along with it. As well as some tips on how to love your home and create your own Sanctuary during Covid.


While we sadly can’t deliver our usual coffee and brekky directly to each of your homes, thanks to our local sponsor Allpress Espresso, CM attendees can get 15% off any online orders at with the code CM15

We’ll be opening our virtual doors at 8:15, then starting on the dot at 8:30. Hang around after the talk and meet someone new in our breakout room as well! Looking forward to seeing you all then! :)

Your CreativeMornings/Melbourne Team