Patterns of successful storytelling

Storytelling and play have a lot in common. Both help us to make sense of the world we live in and build relationships on a variety of levels. But what principle is at the core of these everyday activities, and how can we use it to increase our creative impact?

Ole Tillmann practices what he preach. His mantra: Fun is just another word for learning. Playing trains our physical, mental, emotional, and social faculties. As games train our imagination, stories do the same. The extreme swimmer Lewis Pugh teaches us: “There is nothing more powerful than a made up mind.” And so we are all natural storytellers – it’s not a magic tool.

About the speaker

Ole is founder and director of PEAK, a Berlin-based agency specializing in presentation design and speaker training. Since 2009, Ole has been coaching the speakers of TEDxBerlin, TEDxHamburg, and TEDxMunich. As an expert on storytelling and design thinking, he created his company PEAK to advise executives preparing to go before the public, cameras, investors, and the press. Clients include Audi, Siemens, airbnb, BASF, AKQA, betterplace, and many more.

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