Living life the way he wants, and why you should live the way you want - accelerated by the words and profound knowledge Senartogok possesses in our humble town Bandung.

About the speaker

Senartogok is a penname for the multi-talented street musician Tarjo. A list of things he can do include writing poetry, short stories, philosophy, rap, mix tapes, remix digital tunes, graffiti, and whatever he wishes to do with his life - the unknown everyday path is the most exciting, and a mere biography cannot describe this modern-day Shakespeare; a living form that artists are a dying breed. Choosing his current city of residence in Bandung, he’s taking the Creativemornings/BDG stage for his impromptu music jamming against his reasons why he is what he is - WEIRD, for others, but him as himself - to us, and to the world - also, why Bandung is his city of choice that perhaps, flourishes his art of being himself? Find out the answers, only on Creativemornings.

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