About the speaker

Managing Director at Sift Digital, Nick is passionate that digital can be, and should be, a catalyst for cultural change; reshaping the way in which we talk to each other and our core audiences.

He’s worked in digital for the past 15 years in the UK, New York and the Middle East. He’s worked with household brands such as Amnesty International, Cancer Research UK, the United Nations, Louis Vuitton, Tesco and Volkswagen to name but a few. His vision for centralising digital to transform organisations with a digital-first culture, has helped to drive donations, improve conversion and increase revenue. He heads up the Together We’re Better community for digital professionals and has written for Wired, The Guardian and Third Sector.

Nick is a huge Fela Kuti fan, enjoys drumming, messing about with his three kids, and walking in the mountains.

Come along to this month’s Creative Morning and find out what you can learn from Nick and his experience of communicating with humility online.

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