A cycling adventure, meeting interesting people along the way, the value of craftsmanship and slow living.

Nick Hand, aka ‘Journeyman’ talks about his bike journeys that were made on The Printing Bike: a bespoke bicycle made designed and built by Robin Mather three years ago. The Printing Bike’s first adventure was a 850-mile journey from Bristol to Mainz, Germany, in celebration of Gutenberg’s invention of printing with moveable type in 1450. The people Nick met along the way and the beautiful books he produced…

About the speaker

This month we’re very lucky to have Bristolian graphic designer, and massive advocate of traditional craftsmen and women from across the country - Nick Hand coming along to join us. Nick has created some beautiful work in the form of his own books, Conversations on the Coast, the Hiut Denim Yearbook and various other Bristol based arts projects.

As we speak, Nick is on (another) cycling adventure, meeting interesting people and things along the way. He will be telling us about his adventures and why he chooses to spend his days helping people learn all about the dying print form of letterpress and how to use a small press at his own Letterpress Collective. Since 2013, Nick has been collecting beautiful wood and lead type and has also gathered some amazing printing presses by Heidelberg, Stephenson Blake an Adana.

We’ll be hosting the event at The Printhaus, a venue close to our hearts who shares our love for bringing the creative community together to learn and experiment. We think Nick and the Printhaus are a perfect pairing and brilliant when we consider the theme – Survival. Nick is literally keeping a traditional form of printing alive and The Printhaus works tirelessly to run a completely independent creative space to help true local creativity thrive.

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