Minitremu takes a look at how children interact with art, and tries to find new ways of engagement for both kids and adults.

About the speaker

Minitremu is a NGO whose purpose is to bring art and understanding of art to a very tangible and accessible dimension for kids. It is an initiative of Monotremu duo “in an attempt to reconcile the present with the future”.

The Targu-Mures based artist couple was inspired by their toddler son to create Minitremu, a playful project that aims to bring art in an innovative and unpretentious way into kids’ lives at an early stage. Minitremu translates Constantin Brancusi’s monumental works into wooden toys, colorful and meaningful objects which children can interact with and enjoy. As the artists state, “One of our first goals was to de-institutionalize Brancusi and bring him toward a tangible dimension for kids.” To create ”The Little Table of Silence” and ”The Little Endless Column”, they’ve used only non-toxic colors and children friendly materials. They also have ”The Gate of Kiss” in the works, as a dental ring for babies.

In their own words:

We are an artist duo and family. Under the pseudonym of Monotremu we oppose two educational backgrounds - fine arts and sociology, or what sometimes it’s seen as “anarchic subjectivism” vs. “totalitarian objectivism”. Thus, our collaborative practice is a continuously negotiation based on feelings, intuition and facts that at the end result in works with social and political content. It’s a response to the general apathy in the Romanian society traumatized by the neoliberal capitalism and the communist heritage, in form of critical commentaries and sometime mockery to the private and public actors that have unlimited powers to give shape and form our everyday reality.


The first CreativeMornings/Bucharest event is endorsed by the lovely people at Google Romania.

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