When it comes to expressing honesty, you can’t LEAD with it.

Documentary filmmaker Miguel Luis Calayan explores how Honesty requires two fundamental factors: consent and a safe space. He explores how his work interviewing strangers helped him to ‘skip the small talk’ and get to the conversations that matter. As a result, he’s launched a deck of conversation-starting cards, designed to help people bare their souls a little quicker. Questions include… What’s a common trait shared by everyone you’ve dated? How does your life compare to the life you imagined as a kid? What do you think has been the greatest obstacle to your dreams?

About the speaker

Miguel Luis Calayan is a Manila born and California made filmmaker-photographer-writer who lives life on a per-project basis. Over the last decade, he has shot commercials to make a living and documentaries to make life worth living. A recurring theme throughout his work is in authenticity and humanity, most recently culminating in his latest project: So Cards. On the surface, it’s a deck of cards that contains a collection of questions for deeper discussions. Through this, he has created a growing Instagram account in which people share their answers and (often vulnerable) stories. He also created Skip The Small Talk, a monthly gathering in which everyone is told to forego all talks of work, the news, and the weather, and instead dive right into what makes us who we are.

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