Michelle talks about the power of designing learning institutions to build connections and how that will allow us to see the world differently.

About the speaker

Michelle King is a learner and first and foremost, an instigator. She’s a middle school teacher aka a professional hostage. She learned and honed her craft in Mt. Lebanon with a fantastic crew of educators and students for the past 15 years. In her quest to instigate courageous conversations about learning and children, she has ventured to The Environmental Charter School. Currently, she teaches Cultural Literacy, an integrated social sciences and English/Language Arts course. She constantly seeking to create dynamic learning experiences and opportunities that inspire wonder, discovery, contradictions, frustrations, and joy. In making connections locally and globally, Michelle pushes the envelope and boundaries of where learning should occur for all students. Through her partnerships with the Western Pennsylvania Writing Project, Hear Me, the Kids+Creativity Network and other provocateurs; Michelle is helping to create equitable, empathic, learning experiences for all students.

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Thanks Michelle! Great talk! How do we value the immeasurable?

Joe Burke