Michel van Dartel speaks on how a sense of commitment can manifest in art or design

About the speaker

In the creative world, commitment is a form of staying loyal to the subjects you create for or the issues you are trying to engage with. These subjects are never just an isolated abstract bubble, but real people, with real issues and most of all, real environments, which they interact and form relations with. As an artist or designer, one might show commitment by taking these contexts into consideration in the creative process and choosing an immersive experience into the real world, instead of a studio-only type of work.

But how exactly does one translate this type of commitment into the creative process and what does it entail? How can you be sure the complex dynamics between people and their environments are accurately brought into what you create? And how far should this commitment go?

Our speaker for May, Dr. Michel van Dartel, will bring his expertise to the table and will talk about how this sense of commitment can manifest in art or design. He is a senior curator at V2, Institute for the Unstable Media and research professor at Avans University of Applied Sciences. He holds an MSc in cognitive psychology and a PhD in artificial intelligence. Alongside his work at V2 and Avans, Michel also acts as an independent curator for art venues such as Tent, Mu and Tetem and biennials such as the Dutch Electronic Art Festival and Article.

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