Michael Ellsworth explores how the decisions of design can create a climate of change.

How can the things we create build a climate for action, change and growth within communities?

Michael Ellsworth shares his insights on how to unify the social, cultural and environmental value of the things we create, interact with and consume and discuss how we can use this to support a climate for progress in the world around us, walking us through his work on projects like Death Over Dinner, Now Matters Now and more.

About the speaker

As a founder of Civilization, a creative agency that believes in design as social change, Michael Ellsworth has built over a decade of breakthrough work for a diverse group of clients ranging from Sub Pop Records, chef Michael Hebb and the Frye Art Museum to the US Department of Energy, the Seattle Public Library and the World Economic Forum. He also has used his skills as a public programmer to facilitate discussion on the topic: his recent Design Lecture Series brought the voices of iconic designers like Stefan Sagmeister, David Carson and Ken Garland to a collective conversation on the way design impacts us all.

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