Frederick Gaghauna

May 26, 8:00am - 9:30am WIB. Hosted at Markplus.Inc BDG

part of a series on Serendipity

About the speaker

Frederick, born and raised in Java, grown up everywhere from Aceh to Papua. He used to be an official government for 12 years in Palu and Bandung., then decided to change his career as social worker, after he was sent to Aceh for the earthquake and tsunami emergency response team. He was an overseas volunteer for 3 years and right now he is working in a global social enterprise, called Seefar Services in Jakarta.

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It was a journey that Freddy never have had expected to begin. Expectations were not met for the quality of living, however it was during this time that he met ‘serendipity’: the unforeseen, joyful accidents are often the opportunities we seek and cherish—and above all, they’re moments that we don’t forget. From Myanmar to Malawi, learn about life where even the poorest country can teach you about richness and happiness.

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