May-Li tells us that she coped with the tech industry by dancing in her spare time. She follows Steve Jobs’ mantra of creativity – ’To connect things’ and explains that the real magic happens when connecting the unexpected. She sheds light on questions such as ‘How to make processes coined as boring, more fun?’ and ‘How do you bring your full selves to work and make space for others to do so too’.

Video shot by Christie Goshe and JJ Harris, edited by Christie Goshe and Jeffrey Placencia.

Photos by Tim Kempf.

About the speaker

May-Li invents new ways for humans to interact with computers. She is currently exploring how to empower learners through curiosity, creativity, and play at Khan Academy, where she directs design and long-term research. Previously, at Apple, she designed and prototyped UI concepts that pushed hardware innovations such as Force Touch, the Taptic Engine, face tracking, multi-touch, location tracking and more. May-Li is a founding DJ of La Pelanga DJ Coalition, and loves dancing, dancing while DJing, blurring the lines between art and code, and daydreaming about joyful ways to subvert the status quo.

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