Max Moore talks about how being weird and different is a great thing. It’s about being bold and being yourself.

About the speaker

Max Moore is an American music video director who’s work has been featured on media outlets such as NPR, Vice, MTV, VH1, USA Today, Pitchfork, SPIN, and others for his music video work with dozens of punk, hardcore, metal and indie bands from all across North America; collectively totaling over 30 million views online. Aside from music videos, Moore’s narrative short films have also been selected for Academy Qualifying and International Film Festivals throughout the US and Europe. In 2013, Moore completed his degree in Film Studies at Western Kentucky University.

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If you're worried about what everyone else is thinking about it, that's not a great place to start. Follow what you think is cool, what you think is important and worth your time. If it is for you, that's enough. — Max Moore

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