Relationships and living well through adversity. I know the effects of not having true community and what it takes to create one. So, the question I will pose is this: Are you a pig or a chicken? The pig commits everything to the breakfast plate where the chicken makes a donation. The breakfast plate == life / community How committed are you? When we commit whole heratedly to those we encounter on a daily basis, everyone's life is upgraded. Yours and the ones you have invested. (and it doesn't take money to accomplish this) <3

... maybe I'll answer this in the future. But not today :)

The best advice I've ever received: All of us are Extra Grace Required (egr) people to someone else. Living as a duck allowing 'whatever' to roll off like water on a ducks back is the only way to live. Don't let it sink in or allow it to stay for any length of time. If I choose to allow the negative to stick, it will surly change me in a negative way. #notworthit

My great grand mother, Edna Burns. She lived at a time when women were supposed to stay home, care for her husband and children, maintain the home and all that goes with it. She was a mother of seven, was abandoned by my grandfather leaving her to earn a living so she and her children would survive. She took on so many domestic jobs including offering laundry service from her home. She literally worked her fingers to the bone scrubbing stains from socks. She washed, bleached and pressed bed sheets, blankets, towels, T-shirts, pants, dress shirts. All at a time when there wasn't anything like 'wash-n-wear', microwaves, and convenience foods. Everything required hard work regardless of the tasks and she did it superbly. One may think she would have done this with much resentment but she didn't. She was a lady of grace and unconditional love. She lived near rail road tracks where travelers (otherwise known as vagrants or hobos) would ask for food or supplies and she would share with them because she understood what many of us today take for granted. Everyone needs to know they are valuable regardless of their circumstances. She was and still remains the most beautiful woman I have ever known. She will always be my mentor even though she has been gone for many years. My life goal is to live as she lived and be to others what she is to me.

Sunshine that radiates from within ;-)

Working on that now... Core Crew Team and Seamstress @ Asylum Haunted Scream Park.

Every person is valuable, regardless... Everyone needs to know they are loved. No one lives this out 100% of the time. At those times we all want grace or mercy. Never loose sight of this especially when the challenges in life arise as they do. Nothing negative is worth holding on too. Choose to be a positive force.

The joy of living your dream! For me it has been becoming a Software Developer. #newLife #passion #dreamBuildLiveCode