You can fucking do it!

This is what it looks like when 100 local creatives come together at The Autumn. Co to drink coffee, eat breakfast and be inspired by passionate dreamer Matthew Haynes of The Design Conference Brisbane as he spoke on the global theme of Risk.

About the speaker

Matthew Haynes is a graphic designer with a passion for digital design and user experience. He is the founder of The Design Conference Brisbane, a two day creative symposium in Brisbane Australia, and founder of Analogue Digital Agency, a multidisciplinary design practice launching in May 2016. Clients include, First Coat Arts and Music Festival, Youi Insurance and Ironlak.

A resident of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Matthew has adopted Brisbane as his creative home, where he is a active councillor of AGDA Queensland (Australian Graphic Design Association), supporter of BADC - Brisbane Advertising and Design Club and visionary for Brisbane’s creative economy.

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