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“… you can say I’m crazy if you want to, I don’t mind.”

It is this kind of bare, somewhat self-effacing statement that is typical of the direct and truthful thinking of Helsinki writer Mathias Rosenlund, our speaker for this months CM/HEL.

His 2013 debut novel ‘Vaskivourentie 20’ lit a fire under the backside of the literary community and made him a touchstone for discussions of class, access to opportunity and generationally recursive cycles of relative poverty in Finland and beyond.

Born in Sweden and relocating to Finland as a young boy, Mathias’s unique, personal perspective on matters societal will cast an interesting light on our monthly theme of CROSSOVER. Come listen as he practices what he does best: stimulating us to think and talk about those things that should probably be discussed more than they are.

By the way… if he is, then we all are too.

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