Maryam Mazraei dissects failure in start-ups

What causes a start-up to fail and what can we learn from it?

About the speaker

Ends are opportunities in disguise: to reflect on how far we’ve come, re-evaluate choices, and shift directions if needed. If you think of it, an end is actually a beginning.

This month’s speaker Maryam Mazraei agrees—she started Autopsy, a data and analytics venture that focuses on analysing trends in start-up failure to help existing and future start-ups to avoid common pitfalls (and make newer mistakes). And the world saw it too; it became an overnight viral hit, becoming the #1 product on Product Hunt and Hacker News and getting ‘shit loads of press’ (cc: their Twitter).

Maryam will help us see failure differently, speaking about her own journey as a founder and sharing her learnings from interacting with other start-ups. Come with your questions and insights, and share your experiences with the community. Here’s a chance to get up, dust off, and do it all a bit differently.

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