Mark talks about the WTF moment that led to the creation of Not For Sale, a non-profit he co-founded with the mission to put an end to human trafficking.

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Mark Wexler creates businesses that do good, and builds non-profit organizations that make profits.

This way of acting started with the first of many “What the Fuck?” moments back in 2006.

One day while Mark was living in Durban, South Africa a man approached. He pointed to a large tanker heading out to sea and said, “How many people do you think are on that ship enslaved going somewhere they don’t want to go?” Just one week later, Wexler was told by a friend that he was writing a book on the modern-day slave trade called, Not For Sale. This was the odd genesis of Mark’s groundbreaking non-profit, Not For Sale, co-founded by Mark and David Batstone, the author of said book.

Today, in addition to supporting thousands of survivors, the organization works to gain access to communities where trafficking originates. It then looks for economically viable opportunities to be leveraged in the global marketplace; creating healthy jobs in the at-risk communities, and ultimately aiming to inoculate the community from trafficking before it happens.

This process led Wexler to co-found a beverage company called REBBL. REBBL’s legal structure includes: 1) equity owned by Not For Sale, 2) Not For Sale having a board seat, 3) a supply chain code of conduct, 4) 2.5% gross sales to be returned to Not For Sale, and 5) a fulltime employee overseeing the impact and supply chain of the product.

REBBL is not run by nonprofit employees. It is led by the who’s who of the beverage and consumer package goods space: a genius product creator, excellent salespeople, incredible executive leadership, and board members that have all exited companies to global brands.

Today REBBL is the fastest growing natural organic beverage in the United States because it’s an amazingly delicious product and its impact grows as the company scales.

REBBL was just the start. Wexler’s Dogpatch-based incubator and co-working space, The Invention Hub, has now started or scaled eight other successful ventures around the globe. From Dignita, a wildly successful brunch restaurant and culinary training center for survivors of human trafficking in Amsterdam to Square Organics, a vegan protein bar, Wexler is proving that there are in fact new approaches to doing good.

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