In this talk author Marcel van Driel shows us how to take the first steps in realising our insane ideas and plans.

Children’s books author and speaker Marcel van Driel talks about how we all have dreams and plans we think will never happen, because we are simply not capable of realising them. They are too insane, too complex and we lack the skills to bring them to fruition. Marcel shows us how we can take that first step and that by using different ways of thinking we might just succeed and make our insane plans a reality.

About the speaker

You have an Insane Idea, an idea that keeps nagging, a dream that keeps you up at night. You keep telling yourself that you don’t have time, money or guts to run with it. In the back of your head you know you should be able to do it, others have so why not you? But how?

Marcel van Driel not only spoke with dozens of people that made their Insane Ideas a success, but also realized some of his own. He wrote more than 50 children’s books, opened a store in Utrecht in under 4 months time, organized en broke the world record “Movie watching” and started an online children’s book review show. He wrote ´Waanzinnige Plannen! – En hoe ze te realiseren’ and ‘Geen Tijd, Geen Geld, Toch Doen’ about his experiences and gives talks throughout the country.

This CreativeMornings/Utrecht Marcel will share some thoughts on how you can realize your own Insane Ideas.

Marcel van Driel is a writer with more than 50 titles to his name, like the (11+), ‘Waanzinnige Plannen – en hoe ze te realiseren’ and ‘Geen Tijd, Geen Geld, Toch Doen’. In 2016 his new thriller novel ’NMM’ will be published by Meulenhof Boekerij. Marcel is a husband and father of two boys and lecturer for youths and grown-ups. Every year he comes up with a new Insane Idea.

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