Our speakers about what being just might mean in this world, today

Justice. Just. Fair. One for all. Or is it? Think of justice, and we imagine suits; a gavel hitting a mahogany desk; or people coming together on the streets. Or maybe like Author Omid Safi wrote, “Justice is love, embodied.” Justice is restorative when empathetic and innovative solutions are brought to the forefront. Most importantly, justice is different. It looks different for each of us, and that sometimes makes it harder to understand. But we’re here for it. Which is why this time, we have not one but two speakers. They will talk to us about what justice means to them and get us thinking about what it might mean to live in a just world. We want to listen, learn, ask, and then continue to ask. Because it ain’t justice if it ain’t for all.

About the speaker

Maiya Michelle believes in the power of stories to evoke compassion and encourage action. Having worked with adults and young people within the UK justice system, she remains mindful of groups that are overrepresented in it. Maiya volunteers at ‘Appropriate Adult’ in South London, safeguarding the rights of young people when they are arrested, in addition to supporting the team at ‘100 Women I Know’ to raise the voices of victims of sexual violence, and hosting monthly Intimate Story Sessions with her creative partner Edith Whitehead.

Fiona Curran started the Koestler Arts programme when she joined the arts in criminal justice charity Koestler Trust, in 2009. Since then she’s led their artistic output across the UK, and its annual awards programme for people in prisons, secure forensic hospital settings, immigration centres, and on probation and community sentences. Around 3,500 people participate annually and their work is considered for exhibitions and events, inviting the public to think about the creativity of people in secure settings.

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