Breaking down what is taboo through analysis and human identity & experience.

Leah Ball gets to the root of what we consider taboo and why. Through her experiences in her work and life, she explores how we can embrace our own magic and tear down the structures that keep us confined to what is considered acceptable. By challenging the norm and pushing boundaries of the taboo, we can create acceptance and space in society for ourselves, our bodies, our desires, and in the process, expand our own concept of what normal really is (and isn’t).CreativeMornings/Chicago is hosted & organized by Jen Marquez and coordinated by Marlene Paez. Video by Alejandro Moore, Chris Mendoza, and Amy Ginn.Follow along with us at @Chicago_CM!

About the speaker

Leah Ball is an artist and community organizer whose work confronts the complex and politically charged intersections of sexuality, sensuality, feminism and femininity through the mediums of design, illustration, ceramics and metal. With the Pleasure Project, Leah subverts the benign domesticity of traditional household items by applying illustrations of people pleasuring themselves to functional porcelain objects, such as mugs, platters, pitchers and vases. She can be found performing personal narratives at the weekly experimental showcase Salonathon, on topics ranging from masturbating on a plane, queerness, race and identity, and “process-oriented” virginity. With longtime collaborator Chelsea Ross, Leah is co-founder of the ongoing Feminist as Fuck project, which uses portraiture and personal narratives to document and engage the many Feminisms to form a future plural.

Alongside Chelsea and Kristen Kaza, Leah is also co-founder of Shop Sensual, a weekend-long market, exhibition and workshops centering the personal and political power derived from explorations and expressions of unabashed sensuality. Her work can be seen on the set of Two Queens in a Kitchen, at Chicago’s beloved queer-owned shops Humboldt House, and Asrai Garden, and exhibited in Miami, New York, New Orleans, Austin and Chicago, often instigating feminist dialogues. 

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