I am an innovator, dot connector, and social media nerd. Inquisitive by nature taking advantage of every opportunity to experience new things, from food to travel to music to technology. Let's connect + collaborate!

Specialties: Social Media, Social Media Advertising, Social Networking, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, Content Writing, Blogging, Customer Service, Community Building.

Proficiencies: Facebook & Insights, Facebook Live, Facebook 360 Photo/Video, Twitter + Twitter Analytics, Hootsuite, Spredfast, Sprout Social, Instagram, Iconosquare, WordPress, Basecamp, Google+, Google Analytics, Snapchat, Periscope, LinkedIn & Insights, Pinterest, Tumblr, Microsoft Office, Apple Mac & PC savvy.

User Experience & Interaction, Design, and Experience Design

Don’t be in such a hurry to live life. Enjoy the present without putting pressure on yourself about the future.

Frida Kahlo. Her image is iconic. Her artwork touches the heart and soul. Her story is tragic yet triumphant. Even though she died over 60 years ago, Frida Kahlo has become a major figure in my life. Whereas many artists find muse in external topics like politics and war, she was able to take her one image and pain as inspiration. One of my favorite things about her is that she didn't use painting to simply distract her from the pain; painting was her way of confronting and coping with it.



To say thank you.

How to successfully parallel park.