Kryštof Vosátka from “Učitel Naživo” talks about the importance of education

About the speaker

Do you need investment advice? Unfortunately, we can’t tell you the secret of how to become a one-percenter, but we can give you far better advice on how to invest – invest in the change you want to see in the world. Invest in our teachers.

The speaker of the February Creative Mornings is Kryštof Vosátka. After his studies in literature at the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge, he underwent intensive teacher training at the Institute of Education in London. Kryštof also taught at several high schools and gymnasiums. Currently, he manages the cooperation with partners at the Teach Live (“Učitel naživo”) organization, which aims to contribute to the systematic improvement of the Czech education through the direct investment in teachers and headmasters.

Kryštof will show us that school is the most important social tool for the development of human potential. In order for schools to fulfill this purpose, it is necessary to focus on people and offer them superb preparation and support in their demanding work. Change is in people and teachers and principals are the key to achieve it.

Come to find out what are the most interesting benefits of the investment in our teachers.

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