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Take it to the bridge from Music to Management!

What’s your groove to the new? Talking about music: “Most people go to their graves with their music inside them.“ These awakening wisdom notes are more than 100 years young coming from pioneering physician and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes who had been based in Boston. Nowadays millions of melodies are being spread and streamed anytime and anywhere from Boston to Berlin. The overall offline question is: What can leadership for tomorrow learn from today’s lyrics, love songs and the long-lasting music world? Maybe playing music and the basic power of playfulness are being part of pioneering work, too. So let’s jam all morning long and become alive with some groovy songs long before that rolling gravestone: Rock and roll, pioneers, and let’s have a good morning jam session with saxophone tunes and, of course, some tasty strawberry jam!

Knud Johannsen is combining music and his compositions with management and leadership principles. Good management is just like good music, it’s grooving! When it comes down to real changes and new ways for the good of all the starting point is to have a look at the „Man(ager) in the Mirror“. How do you get from complaining to composing and creating otherwise? It’s all about a groovy kind of leadership and the magic of music with a playful attitude. As saxophone and keynote player with the international business expertise of 15 years Knud is inspiring leaders and their teams to move from „sinking to singing“. Whether start-ups, consulting firms, family or industrial enterprises - one thing is true for all of them: There’s music inside and always room for a „Leadership Session”.

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