Kirsten Jassies (, editor at many well-known Dutch magazines and blogcoach, talks about the importance for publishers to enter the 21st century and start working together with bloggers, vloggers and social influencers to stay relevant.

About the speaker

I love bloggers, social media and I love magazines. Since 1998 I work in printed and digital media and always blogged along the way. I saw bloggers grow faster and bigger than traditional media. They seem to ‘get’ the digital world better, especially when social media came around 2008. I realised bloggers and magazines could benefit so much from working with each other: bloggers about creating quality content, magazines about engaging with real people through social media. Then brands came along, asking for bloggers and social influencers that knew how to create engaging content since old-skool advertising is dying. It is my goal to get al these parties together and collaborate. Come and talk with me and others about the theme ‘collaborate’ on this creative morning, a concept created in 2008 by my hero-blogger Swissmiss.

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