Kelli Anderson gives some insight into the process behind her amazing work and showcases a few of her projects.

Kelli Anderson doesn’t shy away from taking on projects she doesn’t fully know how to do. In fact, that’s where Kelli thrives. Her passion for exploring new mediums and tackling the unknown is evident in her work, a mish-mash of interactive projects that run the gamut from paper record players to experimental websites.

Her favorite kind of projects, however, are ones where she can uncover the hidden talents of everyday things, bringing value in unexpected ways. She shares her inspiration and process at CreativeMornings/NewYork.

About the speaker

Kelli Anderson is an artist, designer, and tinkerer who is constantly exploring new ways to create images and experiences. From sketching and photographing to printing and coding, she draws upon a variety of analog and digital skills to create her projects. She is the one of the collaborators behind the counterfeited New York Times, which gave readers a glimpse into a utopian future, as well as the designer of the Paper Record Player Wedding Invitation, which, when folded just so, transforms the invitation into a manually-spun paper record player. Through layering and mixing materials, Kelli designs engaging paper works and experimental websites that invite people to think and interact in new ways. More importantly, she makes delicious fudge.

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